Norton Virus hangs when other computers not on network

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Red_Arrow, May 1, 2002.

  1. Red_Arrow

    Red_Arrow Guest

    For some odd reason everytime I start my computer when they are no other computers on the network, Norton AntiVirus just hangs for about 1min stopping me from doing anything else.

    But when the computer that connects to the net is online and I start up my computer it works fine, loads up instanly.

    Using XP Pro, AMD 2000XP+, 256DDR RAM, Gainward Geforce4 Ti4600.

    This is the 3rd time I have re-installed XP and it does this everytime. Any ideas?

    I thought perhaps Norton is trying to dial home before it starts, but I have told it not too.
  2. redsolar

    redsolar Guest

    Dialing home would not make the pc hanging. Try disabling the monitor part of the antivirus. This might solve it. Also, any antivirus monitoring part will slow down your pc significantly, since it is testing pretty much any file that is loaded into memory, and it takes away hell lots of resources.
  3. Red_Arrow

    Red_Arrow Guest

    Thx but I would rather have Norton making sure my system is safe. Anyway it has nothing to do with that...I think.

    Every time the other computer on the LAN is not switched Norton hangs for 1min, but as soon as I switch the other computer on Norton boots up in seconds. So I suspect it has nothing to do with it scanning my system.

    Anyone else have ideas?
  4. redsolar

    redsolar Guest

    Any possibility to try another antivirus? norton might have some conflict. Try kaspersky maybe

    Also, maybe to try to uninstall/reinstall Norton (make sure you delete all the files it leaves out thought, like c:\program files\common files\symatec shared\, etc)
  5. Red Arrow

    Red Arrow Guest

    Sorry I forgot to say I have also used McAfee VirusScan and I had the same problem, so I know it must be something do with XP.
  6. pjchappy

    pjchappy OSNN Addict

    same problem

    I had / have the same problem. . .

    norton av kept hanging. . .also, it caused other problems. . .

    it kept saying all my word files were infected, which they weren't. . .just weird stuff. . .

    so, uninstalled it, re-installed it. . .same problem

    re-installed XP. . .same problem. . .

    finally, got rid of norton. . reformated and reinstalled everything. . .(no biggy. . computer only 2 weeks old). . .then, installed mcafee. . .

    it hangs up a wee bit. . .BUT it does not cause the same probs norton was. . .. ..

    Gateway 700xl
    2.4 GHZ
    1024 MB RDRAM
    120 GB HD
    128 MB GeForce 4 Ti-4600
    Soundblaster Audigy w/ IE1394
    Boston Acoustics BA7800
    19" Diamondtron