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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Tw@, May 8, 2002.

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    Anyone use this app.

    My question is regarding Win Doctor.

    How safe is it to trust Win Doctor to automatically repair problems?
    on my first scan it discovered about 200 'problems' on my system (XP Home) but I after checking an invalid shortcut problem at random it had about 16 different repair options listed asking whether I wanted to point the shortcut at a whole host of new targets, most of which had not much to do with the shortcut in question.

  2. Narcissus

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    Ive trusted it for 2 years, and its never caused a problem for me
  3. Narcissus

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    also let it repair them automatically
  4. dadx2mj

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    I have used three different version of Norton Utilites and always used the auto repair with no problems.
  5. damnyank

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    I have used Norton System Works for 3 years on Win 98 and recently upgraded to 2002 with my new XP puter and Win Doctor and it's auto repair has kept me trouble free all that time!

    BTW - I was shocked to see all the problems it discovered the first time I ran it also - but when you haven't done anything like that for awhile - it is possible to end up with quite a few invalid shortcuts, etc - especially if you have been cleaning up old programs etc.

    I am still trying to figure out if there is any really major difference between the "One Button Checkup" and Win Doctor as quite a few of the same things are checked! I run both since I haven't figured it out yet!

    Any thoughts???
  6. Khayman

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    I the only thing I don't like about it is that it sometimes restores files form the recycle bin, when it repairs automaticaly
  7. madmatt

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    damnyank, no difference between the two. they both check the same things, just that WinDoc displays more details.

    Khayman, very good point. this especially happens when WinDoc is fixing shortcuts.
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    Personally, I find it's better to do the repairs manually for shortcut related items & let WinDoctor handle the other problems automatically.
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    Anyone know if there is like a 30 day trial download of Norton System Works 2002 that I could try ??????
  10. GraveLayer

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    Never mind I've found out there isn't for the 2002 version.
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    It is a good suite of utilities though I'd definately put in on your "might buy" list :)

    I have norton2002 Ghost/Utilities/Antivirus. They are all great programs, and I havnt had any problems on my rig (xp-home).
  12. GraveLayer

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    I've got a SCSI Raid arry on XP Pro that does a dskchk at every boot up! Pain in the ass. Just started doing this after some heavy OC attempt.
    I can NOT run chkdsk or defrag on the arry through windows. :(
    It keeps telling me that dskchk is scheduled to run so defrag can't. It WILL run a simple dskchk within windows but not if I check either box (Fix errors and I forget the other one(at work))

    I don't want to re-do the software raid arry as I have ALL my games on it....but I just may have too!

    PIV 1.6A @ 2303 on P4T-E 144fsb
    It booted at 148fsb but errored during Sandra Memroy and gave me a BSOD IRQ error.
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