Norton Speed Disk: To use without Installing ....?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Vorpal, Sep 5, 2003.

  1. Vorpal

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    I'm going to do a reformat this weekend. I've been getting some tweaks ready and I want to lean out my system for gaming (new set of Ghost images done a little better too).

    I own Norton System Works 2003. The only thing I've been using is NAV2003 and Speed Disk.

    I'm going to try going with F-Prot as an on-demand no-service Virus Tool (and the online KAV every so often).

    I also want to get away from Speed Disks messy installation, mass registry entries and it's installed service.

    What could I do to get away from this?
    I know XP comes with a built in defragger, but it's so basic. SpeedDisk sorts by most used and by what goes with what.


    Thanks for any tips
  2. ming

    ming OSNN Advanced

    just run it off the cd.
  3. napalmnthemorning

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    We'll if your getting away from Symantec and NAV then reformatting is about the only way to get rid of all their crap. I use Diskeeper 7 that has a built in "set it and forget it" setting so it defrags while you surf and you don't have to mess with a manual defrag program. Its also really fast.. You might reconsider an install program so it can pick up any little nasties before they stick it to ya!..
  4. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    ? That works ... wow. I'll give it a try.

    I'm a norton ghost nut. I'm not even reinstalling. Whenever I change motherboards I start out with one ghost image made right after the XP installation finishes and I setup the desktop. I usually make a series of images. 2nd image being after I install the service packs and updates and MS Office, and a few choice apps (like WinRar and Nero). I like having fallback points.

  5. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    Thanks, that's great news. Norton System Works has to be the most messy bloatware. Very annoying.
  6. Vorpal

    Vorpal Guest

    Nope... I just tried it. From the CD you can run:
    -Disk Doctor
    -Win Doctor
    -Fast & Safe
    -Wipe Info

    I can not find a way to run Speed Disk Without installing it. :(
  7. Vorpal

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    Bump one time (just in case).

    I really wish there was a solution...