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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Blyx, Jul 11, 2002.

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    Greetings everyone,

    I've been using Norton Systemworks PRO 2002 and Norton Internet Security for quite some time and have been fairly satisfied with it...But I've been looking for something that would allow me to better manage my system...i.e., maintaining a clean registry, finding unused and unnecessary files, old or no longer needed dll files, etc. Norton does a decent job, but they no longer have the registry sweep that was included in the 2001 one version. I now relay on RegCleaner 4.3 for that. I was curious if anyone new anything about Ontrack Systemsuite 4.0...PC World says its great, but I'd rather hear from those of you who have actually used it.

    Is Ontrack better than Norton at helping to maintain a clean computer. I'm mostly interested in a package that will really clean my registry, get rid of unnecessary dll files, find all broken file links, and such. If there is another program besides the aforementioned ones, I'd be happy to look into them as well.

    Thanks for your input,
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    ive used it, works well and u can also setup intervals for cleaning etc... its thorough and easy to understand. it does come with anti-virus and firewall protection but i did an advance setup and got rid of junk like that and kept the important stuff. its worth a shot trying it but i would keep the Norton stuff as Ontrack just doesn't seem like an up to date anti-virus definition company etc...
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    Thanks for the information...It's kind of annoying when I see all these reviews that say that Ontrack Systemsuite is superior to Norton Systemworks, but, "oh wait, you should use Norton Antivirus." I hate to bog my system down with this utility and that utility...but I suppose no one company can be great at everything.

    So it does do a good job at cleaning the registry and stray dlls?

    Thanks again,
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    Norton vs Ontrack

    I'm biased but I hate anything Norton makes. I really like Ontrack's System Suite; anything Ontrack makes is great. Look at programs from PowerQuest and see who made the basic program for them! (Ontrack) I agree with their anti-virus program no the best and use AVG from I've had serious system problems with Norton's anti virus when removed. McAfee's "Clinic" isn't much better. Look at any manufactures hard drive disk utilities and see if there not made by Ontrack. Just try Ontrack's "Power Desk Pro" to see why I like them!
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    Hmm...thanks for the far nothing to supportive of Norton;) I'm not familiar with Power Desk Pro...but it sounds like I should look into it.

    Thanks again.

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    if i'm not mistaken the antivirus that comes with ontrack is actually Trend Pc-cillin Antivirus ( which is quite good and updated once a week. for firewall i have to use sygate though.
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    I've tried both but I'd rather stick to Ontrack.Had installed the Norton before but my PC keep on crashing..on the other hand Ontrack has a good fix wizard and I really like their Jet defrag.There is a website which you can download...the url was given to me by a friend and not too sure what the website owner actually ?? donations ??? because it is a full taken out:iceman[/URL]

    do not link to warez websites: Iceman

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    every PC-Cillin review i have seen has failed and failed miserably. PC World july 2002 tested them and gave PC-cillin a crappy review. I have the mag itself but you can read online about it here,aid,97430,00.asp
    i personally prefer symantecs nav2002 because i believe that the company has a reputation of finding virus fixes etc... although i do have problems with the interface sometimes, their virus definitions make it worth it. i would suggest AVG as an alternative but the others im not a fan of. i've tried installing panda which messed up my machine, tried Kaspersky, weird proggie and i heard they are reputable but i'll stick with NAV2002.
    everyone has preferences so find out on your own through trials or word of mouth. nothing is perfect but common sense has something to do with fending off viruses. give that article a read and come up with your own decision. i have no idea how pcworld is with being influenced or whatever but its still a pretty decent article despite all the BS double click pop-up ads that are blocked and cause page viewing errors.

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    Norton is much better than Ontrack trust me I know!
  10. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Stick with Norton and you'll be "OnTrack.":D