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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by quechubin, Jan 17, 2003.

  1. quechubin

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    i'm having some trouble with norton internet security 2003. seems like me and these norton products just don't get along. anyways, everytime i try to log on to ebay with passport and internet security on, it won't let me. it says the service is down. but once i turn off the internet security, i can log on with no problem. how can i fix this? i know the easy solution would to just turn it off everytime i visit the site, but when i turn it off, it logs me off of my messenger and then i have to log back into that, then the site and after i'm done, turn back on my internet security. and besides i don't want to be left open to any attacks while the firewall is down. can someone please help? thanks in advance.
  2. lechtard

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    Check you security level, you are probably running it in stealth mode . turn off the stealth mode and you will be able to get in..
  3. quechubin

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    sorry to be such a bother. but where is this stealth mode option located? i tried looking around for it but the closest thing i found was an option that said "stealth blocked ports" i unchecked the box and tried to log in but it still wouldn't let me in.