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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ijsmith, Oct 13, 2003.

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    Does anyone know how to backup or restore a hard drive from another computer over a loacl Area Network (LAN)?

    please game anyone help
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    You need to create a Ghost Boot Disk for each PC.
    These can run with either MSDOS or Norton's own command line utility (included).
    I use the latter, but either will suffice.

    Source the DOS net drivers for both Net cards, the wizard in Ghost should help you insert them to the boot disks,
    and add the necessary boot file entries and request IP parameters.

    Once you've done this boot both PC's with their respective disks, and choose to create an image
    of your disk or partition over TCP/IP (depending on how much of your drive you wish to back-up)

    Assign the required IP addresses (you'll need the serial code the program generated for your disk now too)
    Once you have established a connection over TCP/IP you can save an image
    of your drive/partition to the networked PC, using the DOS explorer window offered.
    Select the destination, then name your image and you're done.

    To restore simply choose to load the image rather than create.