Norton firewall too secure?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Adawa Kisai, Jun 19, 2002.

  1. Adawa Kisai

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    I installed Norton PFW 2002 recently. Works well, blocks all the badness, but I just can't figure out how to make it let me play JK2 online. I read the manual a billion times, and went through help. I have selected permit all on the M$ Zone sites. Yet when I log in and try to select the "use the force" link in the lobby, nothing happens. I try opening in a new window, nudding??? I try to disable it, zilche. I uninstall it, everything works again. Does anyone know where to find the setting for this, or which port to enable or where to kick the computer? Any help here would be hot. Thanks.
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    Theres part of NPF that allows you to manually configure its actions for individual programs, add JK2, and set it to allow all. Sorry cant remember exact part of NPF that you do that in.. but I think its Firewall options, rather than personal security.
  3. Adawa Kisai

    Adawa Kisai Guest

    Ok then, I'm pretty sure I haven't tried that. I'll give it a go. Thank you kindly.
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    In MY NPF 2002, I have it setup as part of system works but i can easily pull up system works and underneath Internet Security, it drops down and you would select the Internet Access Control box and manually configure those programs that you want AUTOMATIC or COMPLETE access to the internet and you simply just add them. Im not sure if thats the same layout you have if you dont have the system works but thats how i see it. but either way there has to be a way to manually configure applications that access the internet and being able to ADD certain items.

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    i've also found that with the privacy settings, it'll often block a lot of hidden code that firewalls dont normally pick up. sometimes i'll go to website being unable to view them right. but if you turn of the enable browser privacy option, then you can view the page.
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    Yes, myNetWatchman is a great site. I'd suggest running it if you're into reporting probes etc...

    Q: What is myNetWatchman?

    A: myNetWatchman is a:

    Security Event Aggregator
    Centralized, web-based firewall log analyzer
    Fully automated abuse escalation/management system