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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Ignition, Jun 8, 2002.

  1. Ignition

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    When im installing Norton AV 2002 and going into the configuration wizard i get a ie script error that says:

    Line: 316
    Char: 2
    Error: Unspecified error.
    URL: res://C:pROGRA~1\NORTON~1\NORTON~2\Cfgwiz.exe/CfgWizRoadmap.htm

    I've tried everything they suggested on their support page, nothing works :(. Please, i really need some help here.


  2. damnyank

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    Not trying to be smart or anything - but are you absolutely sure you removed all traces of the former NAV program??

    There has been numerous problems caused by NAV not being totally removed in the past.

    I am not totally sure if doing a system restore to a point prior to installing NAV 2002 would help any or not!

    It sounds like you are pretty desperate - so the system restore might be worth a shot!

    Anyone else think the System Restore is worth a shot????
  3. Ignition

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    I havent had norton a.v. installed before :(

    BMWCHUBB Guest


    :)All norton apps cause probs,with all systems in one way!!
    ;) Its now become bootable so it will cause all sorts of probs

    if you have your cdrom drive enabled in the bios:mad:

    Caused me no end of trouble!!. Got £ 100 worth of norton and carnt use it?:mad: If you have tweaked your sys in any way,
    certain apps will fail to load?WHY cos the certain funtion you are trying to change,has been done either manually,or through a 3rd party software!!!!So norton will keep out the way!!.

    Tweakxp is the main culprit?NORTON dont like it!!!:cool:
  5. ZAnwar

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    I was having the same problem, come to think of it, have u got your pagefile disabled because I have !