norton AV 2002 problem

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mafiafromrussia, Apr 5, 2002.

  1. when i try to install this thing it installs fine, but then when i try to run it, it's opening this" NAV info window" and when i get to step 3"tasks" and try to click next it gives me an error that some error occured on this page line so and so char that at url "res://d:progra~1\norton~1\cfgwiz.exe/cfgwizroadmap.htm" and it's asks if iwant to continue and it doesnt mater if i click yes or no it wont go any further. what's wrong with this thing?
  2. sin21

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    i get the same message

    did you reinstall the app?

    also when i try to update it i get an error message...
  3. well i have tryed to reinstall it couple times. but it doesnt help. the only thing i can do is disable all autoprotect settings and run the scanner manually when i need to.
  4. Outback2k1

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    did you reboot after installing?

    I find that solves alot of problems even if the installer doesnt say you need to before running the program.
  5. no restarting doesnt help. dont you think we'd figure to do that? :)
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    same problem

    sup, i had the same problem with the SAME EXACT ERROR, i just restarted at every new step and let it just sit there a couple times on the " Configuring Norton Anti Virus Settings" and it finally took me to summary, and it worked
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    set the task manger service to manual that should solve the problem just run services.msc