Norton (Antivirus, Firewall and Sytemworks) Alternative...?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by razor_ro, Mar 4, 2004.

  1. razor_ro

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    ok heres the situation, i want to get rid of norton antivirus/firewall 2004 cause i cant stand how **** it is, but i dont wanna lose NORTON SYSTEMWORKS and i know you can just install SYSTEMWORKS without installin NAV2004 but i would rather just get rid of NORTON from my system (once and for all) .... so anyone know a good alternative for these? a good virus scanner .... also I need a good firewall, (doesnt have to be free), what i want to focus on is a program that does its job (unlike nav2004) and is resource-friendly.... hopefully someone that has used norton and has switched to someone better, ... thanks

  2. dreamliner77

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    A/V = AVG free edition
    Firewall = Zone Alarm

    Search around here, you'll find plenty of alternatives, many free
  3. Lee

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    Norton antivirus and firewal 2004 that bad?

    I know 2003 firewall and antivirus is a real drain. I don't think from what I have read since beta testing started on them months ago it was going to improve not hear people still suffering.

    I agree with dreamliner, I will also say I prefer pro to the free verion, look at zone labs they have great bundles, I last year bought zone alarm pro and mailwasher pro at a good price as a bundle.

    Bit defender also is a good antivirus solution.
  4. Doom

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    I must be honest. I've tried a few but 2004 seems to do everything I want. Avg was good but it would'nt pick up the 2nd virus testfile off this site so I don't trust it to much. Mcafee is also pretty good but I found it had problems checking some compressed files on my pc. I've heard alot of people mentioning that norton uses lots of resorses but the only time I notice it doing that is when I'm running a virus scan and with the new updates for it it doesn't seem to slow my system down at all.
  5. Dublex

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    I would say that you need at least 512MB to run NAV 04 however.. but since most people nowerdays have that as the minimum its OK.

    In terms of performance I find it great on my system, its much better than Mcafee which does seems to skip e-mail viruses sometimes (parents have Mcafee on their computers and Norton on their laptop - Norton detected the new blaster virus a couple of months back while scanning e-mails and locked then down while mcafee allowed the e-mails to be read and then blocked them).

    NAV does take up more resources, but that is because its always active on your system and will kick in the moment it sniffs something suspicious.

    Everyone is to their own however, and NAV 04 doesn't suit everyone. NAV 04 is much stable than NAV 03, although I have NIS 04 and that seems to crash on rare occasions.
  6. Daeron Tinúviel

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    it got a 9 in the march issue of maximumpc got 8 :D
  7. ming

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    I have to agree about NAV2004. I can't stand it at all. Takes up most of the system resources while doing nothing more than what v2003 did.

    I'm using McAfee AV8 with Internet Security 5 instead of v6 because it allows me to configure pop up stopper for each individual site I browse through. However, only v6 has spamkiller.

    I'd say use Systemworks and AV 2003 if you're wanting to stay with Norton, otherwise try McAfee Internet Security 5 (not 6) and McAfee AV8.
  8. Lee

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    Norton antivirus 2003 picked it up quick. :)
  9. coathanger007

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    You guys may find this info useful

    Alwil Avast!
    Gisoft AVG
    H+BEDV Antivir (What a joke)

    Exclusive offer for Microsoft customers. Free 12-month software subscription to CA's eTrust EZ Armor Antivirus and Firewall security suite valid for new users only

    Avast! features AVG lacks:
    - Virus encyclopedia
    - Log Viewer
    - Various appearances - skin support
    - Antivirus screen-saver
    - P2P and Instant Messaging Scanner
    More Info:

    Thanks to Enyo for the following:

    Free online virus scanners
    Trend Micro:






    GFI Trojan Scan:



  10. Ded Morozh

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    I went and checked this, and AVG picked it up for me.

    I use AVG, free ZoneAlarm, and Ace Utilities.
  11. _kC_

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    1. Sygate pro -
    2. Agitum Outpost -
    3. Zone Alarm -
    4. Kerio -

    norton is a joke too prove that just try this little test

    as for antivirus i recomend
    1. Nod32 - (never missed an "in the wild" virus in Vb100 tests
    2. Grisoft AVG pro 7 -
    3. F-risk Fprot

    all them 3 are ultra light on system resources and great programs :)

    my personal combo is sygate pro firewall pro and nod32
    and now using Mozilla firefox, so no pop ups:)
    but when i used IE6 i used too use popupcop which is brilliant for ie6