Norton AntiVirus dont work!!!

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sacred2nite, Feb 23, 2003.

  1. sacred2nite

    sacred2nite Guest

    The auto-protect feature, in Norton AntiVirus, does not work. It has happend since I installed IMESS. I have unistalled IMESS and have used system restore but it still dont work.

    Please help
  2. Tabula Rasa

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    Have you tried reinstalling it?
  3. daddyo

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    If all the other norton products work, then you might have the Klez virus. It specifically targets antivirus programs and prevents them from working. Go to the Symantec website...they have a tool for fixing the problem. It's fairly easy and quick. Good luck.
  4. sacred2nite

    sacred2nite Guest

    I lost the disc, so cant reinstall it :(
  5. Teddy

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    Can you do a 'Repair' of the installation from Control Panel > Add Remove Programs ?
  6. alloy25

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    LOL..:D ....

    Do wat Benny suggests and it may work again...I had to do it several times one day cause I had the excact same Prob...

    Or you may have a virus...try them both and see wat happens....

    Just out of interest...wat NAV is it.....2002, 2003, pro ???? Which one ????

    Alloy25 :)
  7. sacred2nite

    sacred2nite Guest

    Its NAV 2003 standard and is part of system works 2003.
  8. alloy25

    alloy25 Guest

    Have you got systemworks installed as well????

    I had it on once and it stuffed my comp....:mad: ..

    Got rid of systemworks and just installed NAV and have never had problems since....Don't like it ...Don't use it...Get rid of it !!!!!!

    Re-install and see wat happens...

    Alloy25 ;)