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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by tibboh, Jan 15, 2006.

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    The laptop i purchased last year came with the standard 3 months Norton Internet Security cover - when it expired I just renewed for a year's cover on line. Problem is I may need to reformat due to some programe problems, and you've guessed it, I have lost the order numer details.

    I am assuming that when I reformat, unless I have that number, I will have no valid cover - so is there somewhere that number may be stored? or is there a way of getting it off Norton (failed so far)

    thanks in anticipation
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    I know for a subscription crack I once came across it said:
    So it could be possible that this file is all you need to backup.
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    I would assume if that didn't work or couldn't be located, you could also contact Symantec and they could give you a key. May just have to have the credit card handy that was used during the purchase.
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    Older versions of Norton (NIS or NSW, 2005 and older) require a key. Without the key you don't have a subscription.

    Newer versions (2006+) keep track of your subscriptions via an online account.