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  1. I have 2 Hds on my computer a C drive 20 gigs which has windows and a D Drive that is 40 and has all my stuff. Well I reformatted my computer and now my d shows up in device mangaer all fine and all but it doesn't show up in My Computer. Anyone know why. I ran the diagnostics from a disk and it reported no errors. I have it formatted with NTFS and its never done this before. If anyone knows how to fix this tell me cuase I really don't want to lose all the things i have on the drive. And yes I do back up monthly I have been on vacation so I haven't had the time to now.
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    isnt it because fat32 cant read ntfs? im assuming your c(20gb) drive is still fat32?
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    I had the same problem with my 20 gig maxtor as a slave drive...

    All i did was install Partition Magic Pro 7 and work on it that way. I made sure the drive was setup properly, then partition magic did the rest.

    Now I can see my 2nd HD :p
  4. Thank for the help no it was NTFS both but I figured out the prob. Apparently using Roxio GO back on both drives when I reformatted them THe program stayed active in the 40 and didn't let me use. I accidently found this out when I let the 40 boot as master. ANd I disabled the program and I have it working again.
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    Is that the roxio take two program you are talking about? If so they have withdraw support for it. It must be full of bugs. :eek:
  6. No I mean the Go Back Program from Roxio. It completely restores your computer to an earlier time like System Restore.