Nokia 8800

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  1. Cool you guys have to see this phone it looks really nice nokia 8800 (and 8801 for north america) it's set to come out soon i think should be out by now

    Nokia 8800 main page Features and pics
    GSMArena Specs
    PhoneArena Specs

    It's not a symbian phone though it's just a normal nikia os phone but it looks nice or as they like to call it "luxurious"
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    its funny how they call it luxury but its only .5 megapixels
  3. yea but they're talking about the looks of it lol not the detailed features it's just a standard nokia, like remember when the 8910/8910i came out it was a big revolution like wooow a titanium phone it was like the luxury (and about 500 dollars lol) phone by then with no camera but now it's that one it would be stupid if they make it expensive
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    It's like the Motorola RAZR. Good looks, but no real substance. ;)
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    if it aint symbian i aint even looking at it, i think that goes for netryder too.? the nokia 6680 was sold out all over dubai i found it cheaper than on ebay but sold out so my sister will get it for me when they get it back into stock, funny thing is some shops are selling it for 300 dollars more than other shops! i was shocked when i heard the price for the one cheaper than ebay 2,450 dirhams (divide by 3.65 to get dollars) and was like ARE U SURE? she was like yeah, i was like NOKIA 6 6 8 0? uh huh, but out of stock, i called every showroom they had not even one piece or even a sample piece :s
  6. yea that's a good phone and i like it's commercial for it too, maybe you guys have it too in the states it's where everything in the rooms start foldng up
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    Ok got one of these cheap on ebay as its unscratchable screen was scratched --> ? Itm must have taken a very big bang.

    But I took it to Nokia and they switched the screen for £30.
    Didn't like this phone at first but it has really grown on me.
    Love it now and keep it well secured and safe :)

    It isn't symbian, so its simple and really responsive. The up arrow button is a little fiddly but I am used to it. The flip is great tho and the metal isn't as fingerprint-magnetic as the Razr.