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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by krmanning, Nov 27, 2002.

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    The fan on the northbridge chip of my motherboard has started making a terrible racket. I have isolated the noise to this fan, and if I stop it briefly with my finger, the noise stops. The motherboard is a Gigabyte 8IEXP - it uses the Intel 845E chipset. Since I don't overclock or tweak the bios, etc, is a northbridge fan really necessary, or can I just take it off?

    Any other recommendations?

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    same thing happened to me... twice! i got tired of replacing it so i just took it off. and even though the heatsink on mine is really short, and i have my fsb overclocked by 10%, it's totally stable.

    if the heatsink on your northbridge isn't too horribly short, i bet you could live without that fan. as long as you have moderate airflow going through your case.

    ironically, a motherboard without a northbridge fan is a selling point to a lot of people.
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    um quick point.. when you oc... one thing that you might want to keep coolest to tweak out an extra coupla mhz in your fsb would be your NORTHBRIDGE... so think twice about removing cooling from it...

    I would recommend that you check out a large passive heatsink as a replacement... passive = no fan = no noise and very good cooling... if you wished to make your passive cooler an active cooler... plug a fan @ the top and voila lol... you have a nice little device :)

    there are many northbridge coolers available
    zalman chipset cooler this is a very nice cooler if you want a cheap effective northbridge cooler...

    couple of notes... make sure your mobo is able to use this device ie. already has all available holes/slots on the board... also make absolutely sure that any thing that you are adding does NOT interfere with devices you already have ie. does not touch...

    other cooling devices from the same website are listed on this page cooling devices . can also find them on other websites... this is just to give you an idea...
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    Bytes-back had the same problem. Noisy fan, took it off. One new mainboard and chip and all is fixed!!

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    Contact Gigabyte I did twice in the Uk Using their trade tech support line and on both occasions was sent a free fan...i did have to return the old ones (but the new one came before i returned the old one)...Give them a try first.