No workgroup--need help...and quick...PLZ

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Zeus3666, Jul 5, 2002.

  1. Zeus3666

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    ok i donno how this happened or not...but i can't seem to see my workgroup My Network Places all i see is network Setup wizard and Add network places...i have tried both and nothing seems to work i even change names of my workgroup...and even changed out NIC cards and haven't figured out WHY i can't LAN...i used to be able to..and now it won't work at all...can some one PLZ help me out....
  2. Zeus3666

    Zeus3666 Guest

    Nope i have tried it all....even new NIC cards...i can't browse my own network's pissing me off i can't find what is;s like it just disapared
  3. Zeus3666

    Zeus3666 Guest

    Checked that....but i am able to surf the net and all...just not able to browse my own network...
  4. KLoWn

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    Temp Solution to be able to see the connections untill you figured out what happened.

    start/programs/accessoires/windows explorer

    Then click on My Network Places/Entire Network/Microsoft Windows Network/Workgroup Name (Normally MSHOME)/Computer you are tring to access....