no sound replayed in webcam video

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mac1, Jul 2, 2011.

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    hi all[​IMG] Reply
    Not sure if I'm supposed to post here or somewhere else...

    When I replay a webcam video that I took to test alls ok, there is no sound replayed in the movie, I have tried 2 new different webcams with the same result. When I test the webcam mic in windows sound checker setup, the green bar moves ok but then it tells me there is no microphone connected to the laptop... very strange when the green bar moves when I talk.. I’m starting to think it's the mic-in plug as I have gone through all the settings in can.

    The sound is ok when I play music or anything else, that’s why I think it’s something to do with the mic-in or a mic setting.. I’m stumped [​IMG]

    just thought of something, in Device Manager\Sound there's only one entry "HD audio device".. should there be something else for the webcam, like i see in my Win-7 PC.

    Any ideas what’s wrong.


    Satellite L30-105
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    2GB RAM