No pictures on web!?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sacred2nite, Jan 30, 2003.

  1. sacred2nite

    sacred2nite Guest

    Recently, alot of the pictures on all websites are not loading into my browser. This happens with IE and MSN 6.

    Could someone tell me what might have caused this?

  2. sacred2nite

    sacred2nite Guest

    P.S. I have not tryed using any-other browsers.
  3. Jahya

    Jahya Guest

    What OS, version of IE? Did this problem just start out of the blue? If so, did you recently install anything? Can you be more specific than "alot of the pictures on all websites are not loading into my browser"? Does this mean some load and some don't? Do you have a firewall? Adblocking software?
  4. vdubVR6

    vdubVR6 Guest

    I am having the same problems, all websites and it seems to be only .gif files any clue? sacred2nite see if they are only gifs for you as well, by right click properites (if you don't know) ;)
  5. sacred2nite

    sacred2nite Guest

    I have Windows XP HE. I have latest version of IE (I think it is 6). I have norton fire wall and system works.
    Lately I have installed Real Arcade and that is about it. This problem started yesterday. When a page loads, only about half the pictures load. I have to right-click on the rest and click 'show picture'.
    I hope that is helpful.
  6. vdubVR6

    vdubVR6 Guest

    o and I use XP pro. and it did start all of a sudden. I tried sys. restore no luck, no virus (from what nortons picks up) there is no new software/hardware or drivers and I have not removed any programs either! :shrugs: still at a lost as to even how to fix it, because it is starting to get annoying to have to always choose the "show picture" button.
  7. sacred2nite

    sacred2nite Guest

    Yes it is mostly .gif's but some .ipg's are also affected.
  8. sacred2nite

    sacred2nite Guest

    Please Help!!

    Could this problem have been caused by a program changing IE. If so, is there anyway to restore IE. I do not use system restore :( I now regret this.
  9. vdubVR6

    vdubVR6 Guest

    I was searching on google and found a solution (maybe) it's a website that has patch's and fix's for certain problems the website is Here ,
    you have to scroll down to the bottom and there is a file called Restore Explorer GIF preview capability. I am at work so I am unable to try for myself. But it is the only fix that I have found so far. Good luck let me know if you find anything.:D
  10. Perris Calderon

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    new york
    To Reinstall IE6:

    1) stick in the Win XP CD

    2) windows key+r, paste the following;

    rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 c:\windows\inf\ie.inf

  11. the_music_man

    the_music_man aka prodj88 =P

    I KNOW HOW TO FIX THIS B/C IT WAS HAPPENING TO ME FOR 2MONTHS AND I FIGURED IT OUT YESTERDAY..hmmmm wait.....well i don't know what i exactly did but i know i changed lots of options in the internet explorer settings. i think i did "automatically detect settings" and i put security at low *i put it at low b/c i have ZA and so i still have security*
    just play around with the settings until you find that pics good luck!
  12. sacred2nite

    sacred2nite Guest

    Thanks anyone

    I have reinstalled IE 6 and everything works fine now.