No NView with 40.72

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Yoz, Nov 11, 2002.

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    Just installed 40.72 drivers and now I can't use the NView feature. Was working ok with the old drivers but since upgrading I have the ability to load NView but its not displaying any of the monitors I can use. Is this a know problem or should I roll back my driver and wait for a fix to be posted.
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    Same problem here with the nview... had it since 40.71 drivers,my last drivers that worked fine including nview were the 40.51 drivers.
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    Look further up in posts from me.
  4. Mubbers

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    I loaded it last week and NView works fine

    GF4Ti 4600 128Mb

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    I was just reading up on th new Geforce FX and something caught my eye in this pic

    Theres are sharpness setting on the nview panel. I do not have this option and I have the 40.72 drivers with a very clean istall.
    If you notice at the top bar it shows the 4400 card. I have the exact same card. Is there something I missed or is Nvidia preparing us for another update soon.