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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by mike09, Nov 4, 2003.

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    i restarted my computer today after installing updates and when i logged in it says i dont have a internet connection. in metwork connections all are enabled and are connected but there is no information going in or out. i try the repair function but it says failed to renew ip address. the other computer on my network is on the internet fine but mine is not. i tryed uninstalling the NIC and restoring the computer back to when it did work but with no luck. many thanks in advance.
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    Make sure the line and NIC caed is still good. Look for green lights on the router and the local NIC.

    If using ICS off another computer instead of a router make sure workgroup/domain have not changed.

    If you have dynamic lan addresses make sure "have dhcp server get address" (automatically get address) is checked. If static addresses make sure that the IP for your computer was not changed at either end.

    See if you can ping the router/ICS server using DOS ping and the address.

    Check the setup menu for the router to see if yotu have been blocked.

    Check firewalls to see if you have been blocked.

    If a Windows update make sure firewall was not turned on.

    That list will keep you busy for a while...
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    You probably have a bad Winsock. Click START-->RUN, Type in CMD

    At the DOS prompt, type IPCONFIG /RELEASE
    Then type IPCONFIG /RENEW

    If it gives you a valid IP address (not 169.X.X.X), you are good to go.

    If it tells you that the renew failed because it can not perform an action on something that is not a socket, you will need to rebuild your Winsock. If you are using Windows XP, I have a program that will do this for you.