News No Copy & Paste on Windows Phone 7 Until 2011

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    The long-awaited Windows Phone 7 operating system is almost here but users will have to wait until "early 2011" to be able to use a 'copy and paste' feature.

    Despite earlier versions of the OS, known as Windows Mobile, having the copy and paste feature, it is for some reason missing from Windows Phone 7. Considering how much flak Apple took for not including copy and paste in earlier versions of the iPhone, it is remarkable that Microsoft seem to have fallen into the same trap with their latest OS.

    Another previous Windows Mobile staple that appears to have been removed for Windows Phone 7 is Adobe Flash, which is only due to appear at "some time in the future". With Apple's iPhone also lacking Flash, it seems strange that Microsoft haven't implemented Flash on Windows Phone 7 from day 1, as a killer feature of their new software.

    Windows Phone 7 has nonetheless had some very impressive reviews so far and will no doubt make its mark on the smartphone industry in one way or another. The question for Microsoft is, have they done enough to take on Apple's dominance with the iPhone?