No CD error on new games on XP

Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by theavgman, May 20, 2002.

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    I have encountered this problem three time already in two months. It has happened with Jedi Knight 2 and Tribes 2, but surprisingly not with MS Dungeon Siege. Luckily I have gotten around with no-cd cracks. Still a nuisance though. It got bad when my wife tried to play the Sims. Couldn't find a no cd file, and I shouldn't have to. It seems to have started after an XP update that was for compatibility. Tried to restore, but it's not letting me go back that far. Any suggestions or solutions? If this happens with GTA 3 and I don't have a cd crack, I'm going to kill someone. Thanks.
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    simple answer, then buy the games and dont pirate them. otherwise assuming you have pirated games, most already come cracked. its a whole different situation if you update a game with patches, then you need an entirely need crack.
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    thanks dij, but their not pirated


    I would apprectiate the advice if it pertained to me, honest, but they are retail purchases from Best Buy. Best Buy might be pirates, but I'm not. Don't get me wrong, I've got a bootleg or two, but not when it comes to my games. There has to be someone out there experiencing this. The cd player works, so it doesn't seem mechanical.
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    I had a similar problem also with Tony Hawk 3. When the error came up I clicked OK but then it appeared again. I just kept hitting OK as each error popped up and after about 5 instances, the game booted up and I have not had the problem since.

    You can save those damn "get a legitimate copy" lines. To think that problems occur only if its warez is a crap theory. Just look at what happened to the hundreds of people who bought Ghost Recon and couldn't get that to run, which leads to a whole other topic about why the hell people DO NOT want to buy games.

    But long as the game works with a No CD patch, I wouldn't worry too much about it.
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    Thanks, I'll try that.

    Thank you, and I'll take any other suggestions.
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    Re: thanks dij, but their not pirated

    sorry if i came across the wrong way. i didnt mean to offend you and i'm sorry if i did. i was just relaying several issues i've read about before relating to some games.

    also, have you tried looking up compatibility problems for your games with xp? or perhaps looked at the support sites for the manufacturers of the games?
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    No Prob Dij

    Thanks for the info. I have looked at the tech info on the games and never brought myself to call them. I might be able to fix with one call and I'll give it a try. Nice system by the way.
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    Don't know whether this applies or not but some have the habit of downloading all of these types of backups but if you have a look around you find it saying, 'Don't download unless you are having this problem'. (Great, like why wasn't that in bold print next to the download?) If you can't fix it this might be the problem.