No Burner After Installing ASPI

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by IVo, Dec 23, 2001.

  1. IVo

    IVo Guest

    I just installed ASPI4ALL to get Cd-r Win to work....
    reboot my burner does show up any more when i got to My Computer...

    any idea?

    Thanks IVo
  2. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Do you have Nero installed? If so, what version?
  3. IVo

    IVo Guest

    Yup i have nero installed...
    Version 5564.. but i unistalled cd-r win
  4. Lonman

    Lonman Bleh!

    Before Nero 5564 there was a lot of problems with it making drives disappear. But you have the newest one.

    You might try uninstalling your burner in device manager, reboot, and see if XP picks it back up. Other then that i'm not sure what it could be.
  5. max

    max Guest

    First : have you gone to windows Update , there is a fix there for the burner problem.....

    To get round this copy the Nero - WNASPI32.DLL (attached) to the cdr win folder and open up cdr win and in the settings select this as your aspi driver, then reboot. :)

    you can also disable the inbuilt burner which i have heard is also a good thing to do but i cant remeber how :(
  6. IVo

    IVo Guest

    That sucks...
    do you know a way that i can uninstall the aspi drivers?
    b/c i was thinking bout disconnecting the burner then pluging it back in to start over...
  7. max

    max Guest

    isnt there an exe there to use to remove them ? in the ASPI zip file ...

    anyway you shouldnt have to remove the ASPI ...

    Just remove your CD burner in device manager, unplug it , reboot, remove any Burning software


    Plug it in

    Install nero .....

    then once all up and running put that DLL in the CDRwin like i saud above
  8. MiseryQ

    MiseryQ Guest

    Inside the aspi4all folder there should be an unistall.bat or something like that but it won't get the drives back... I've seen this problem before on other forums and had it myself twice after install incompatable burning software... Reinstall seems to be the usual and only "fix"...

    Putting the wnaspi.dll file in the cd-rwin folder will get it working next time... Stay away from anything Adaptec... And only ECDC5.02c will work...
  9. IVo

    IVo Guest

    ok thanks guy i think i am gone just unistall (device manager) and then unplug like you told me to..:D

    thanks for all the replies