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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SparklieRainbow, Jul 24, 2002.

  1. Ever since we got our new computer that has Windows XP on it, I haven't been able to see any backgrounds on my internet browser. I've tried everything I know to try to fix it, but I can't. On my Mom's screen, you can see backgrounds fine on her AOL browser. I don't know why this is just happening on my screen/AOL browser. It's even doing this on just a regular internet explorer. It's incredably annoying! I've actually spent many nights doing everything possible to fix this, including tonight. I've finally decided to ask for help :) If anybody knows how to fix this, I'd really appriciate it!
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    Have U simply tried going into TOOLS - INTERNET OPTIONS - ADVANCED TAB - RESTORE DEFAULTS and see what happens then?
  3. Yes, I've tried that a number of times. Nothing happens
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    Have a read through this. It might help. :)
  5. Thank you, Doofus! That actually worked! Now I don't have to pull my hair out anymore :) Thanks again!