NIS 2005, Compatibility w/Mozilla Products?

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by sidefx, May 20, 2005.

  1. sidefx

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    I am currently using Outpost and AVG Free which have been serving me quite well.

    However I am always looking to try new software especially when it comes to security for my pc.

    I, like alot of people have switched to Firefox and Thunderbird. In the past NIS has been strictly a M$ product. Does NIS 2005 work with Firefox and Thunderbird?

    Does things like the ad blocking work similar to Outposts ad blocking where it blocks ads through any browser and also ads in Instant Messengers for example I can block Yahoo's Instant Message ads in chat.

    Does NIS 2005 scan emails like AVG Free does?

    Those are some of the questions I was wondering about when switching/trying NIS 2005.
  2. Kush

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    i would stick to your current Configuration, new isnt always good.
  3. j79zlr

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    Stay away from NIS, it just causes problems.
  4. bonndead

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    I happened to this forum from one of the thunderbird postings,,,,

    I need your favor for implementing a critical security constraint in my office,,,

    we have like 200 computers and we have thunderbird as our email client,,,

    A menu option ([Tools]-[Options - Attachments]) brings up an option to point to
    the download directory(in our case should point to only "mydocuments" of the user profile)
    by default..

    In other words, we want to disable the doubleclick prompt for the email and just point to mydocuments for all downloads,,,

    I am not sure how to get the job done,,,

    I did find the user.js and the prefs.js and try to edit them with the following options to do my task
    but it dint work!
    the entries I added to the js files are

    ADD THE FOLLOWING ENTRIES---------user_pref("", "C:\\Documents and Settings\\bharathg\\MyDocuments");user_pref("", 2);user_pref("", true);---------The first option is to point to mydocumentsThe second option will make the download directory the one we have chosen.The third option will always save stuff to the specified download directorywithout asking.

    so thats my problem,,, this is critical and I need to get this implemented by next week,,,
    PLEASE HELP ME,,,, Can we create a REG file or something to do the same thing,, not sure which one to edit in the registry for this,,,

    thanks and regards
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    I disagree. I've been using Symantec products for many years now. The only time I've ever seen issues with it is a direct cause of either slow hardware or the end user.
  6. Ferral_Imp

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    Not true. I've used NIS (2004 on my old computer and 2005 on my new computer) for over a year now and in that time have only encountered one problem that was easily resolved by changing a setting in the firewall.

    Personally, I've found NIS to be a pretty decent all inclusive security product (it's only pretty good cuz it is an admitted resource hog, can slow down the initial launch of the web browser on a dial up connection, and is slow to complete a scan on a computer without an arseload of ram) that has proven itself to be pretty much idiot proofed, and really easy to configure based upon my own experiences with this and other products.
  7. Johnny

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    I would stay as far away from symantec as I could, There are rare occasions where it will work right. Most of the time it won't. What you have now is good. You don't need anything else.

    As far as Antivirus go, I think AVG is ranked higher than Symantec. It also don't kill your system like symantec does. It also doesn't over take it ..

    Yes, I hate symantec. I won't go into a rant about it though ..