Nightmare with NVIDIA!!

Discussion in 'Graphics Cards' started by maheshws, May 12, 2002.

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    Please help me out..
    I got this SONY VAIO Digital studio PCVRX550 but it has caused me a hell lot of pain..
    After some 15 days whenever I used to play a DVD or a CD the system used to freeze and reboot automatically..
    this then even started happening when I used to open my Internet Explorer or even Windows Explorer..
    Reporting trouble to Microsoft gave me a solution that I need to download the latest Drivers of NVIDIA from Microsoft Website which I did but with no success..
    I even downloaded the latest drivers from NVIDIA and installed it but no success at all..
    SONY Tech support (nice people) even could not figure out the problem!! Now they want to rob extra money from my pocket to send the PC back to repair( out of warranty its a refurb)
    I formatted everything and freshly loaded the PC using the system recovery CD but the problem still conitues..
    Could anyone amongst you help me know if the problem is with the hardware or drivers or what????
    Here is the hardware details for VIdeo & Graphics
    4X AGP 3D Graphics Hardware Accelaration(nVIDIA TNT2 M64)
    32 MB Video Memory(SD RAM)
    Please !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Someone amongst you can let me know what I need to do
    waiting anxiously for some kind of help..
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    Answer is in your other post.