ngforce max 420 drivers - 40.72 crash

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pipwolf, Dec 13, 2002.

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    I My computer keeps crashing with these errors, PC world changed the graphics card to a new one ngeforced 4 mx420 (same as the old one) downloaded the nvidia latest drivers for it, 40.72, but the problem is still occurring. The error report back from Microsoft says it’s probably the nvidia drivers causing the problem.Is this driver causing the problem ?? if so is there a more suitable on for the ngforced 4 max420 card, Has anyone got any idea before I have to call PC worlds porno rate chat line. Regards pip
    1. Type- error
    Idle timeout error channel 0000001e
    Source nv
    Event id 8

    Error code 100000ea
    Category 102
    Event Details
    Event ID: 1003
    Source: System Error

    ps. i thought this problem had been cured, but sadly no.
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    I had all kinds of trouble with mine until I got the new 4109's from the nvidia site ...... now it is fine everything works fine for me I use the coolbits.reg for the 40's series and I have no problems with the 4109's I could not use any set of drivers cept for those that came with my card I tried them all ....... so I would go and get them and give it a go
    good luck here is the coolbits if you want it .;)