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Discussion in 'PC Gaming' started by canadian_divx, Dec 11, 2002.

  1. canadian_divx

    canadian_divx Canadian_divx

    i just did a format and i installed the game agian but now it seems that it is droping frames, not legging just not haveing there, it has not happened before but here are my specs

    amd athlon 1600+
    896mb of sdram
    40gb 7200rpm
    40gb 7200rpm
    gforce 4 mx 420
    aduigy gamer
    300wt power
    xp pro sp1

    does anyone have any ideas why this could be happening
  2. Cast

    Cast North Seed

    Wasaga Beach, Ontario
    Maybe it's your nvidia drivers.
  3. Darkwolven1

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    I agree with the above post. I was using the WHQL [40.32/40.72 - not sure which ones] that they switched to single pixel shading as the default on before and NFS:HP2 ran OK for the most part [geforce II pro]. Of course single pixel shading is faster than bi or triliniar shading. They took a lot of crap for those drivers because they were faster, but it's not quite as pretty. They also just happened to come out when the new Radeon cards came out, which ever rev that was for ATI. Not just a coincidence. I now run the 41.09 drivers and I noticed a considerable drop in frame rate in this game.

    My advice, if you were not having trouble before but you are NOW, see if you can get your hands on an earlier release of the drivers above [if you have your old detonators you were using before the reinstall, even the better] or see if you can find the manual setting for this detail. I know it is there, but think it is availble from a console only. Not sure about that.