Nforce 2 board temp issues

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Doom, Mar 7, 2004.

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    Hi there. I got a new board just over a month ago and I was surprised how much the heat of my cpu went up. On my old board (Gigabyte 7vax) I was getting cpu temps of around 42c. With my new one (chaintech zenith 7njs) my cpu temp are 49-50c idle. I was fretting over the last month ,putting in a new heat sink (coolermaster jet 7) and new fans and changing the paist on my cpu to artic silver 5. But the temp stayed the same no matter what I did. I found the ansewer on this forum.;f=31;t=000217;p=1

    It's aparently normal for nforce 2 boards.
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    Yeah, what that other link said.

    I've seen major temp reading differences to the point where I don't trust the temperature readings at all. The bios has a "temperature calibration correction factor" put in and they are often wrong.

    The cheaper MB seem to be worse. I just bought an ECS NF2 board that benchamrks great, overclocks and is completely stable but MB temp and voltage readings are pure garbage. CPU temp is consistant but sounds too good to be true.

    Check the web site for a bios upgrade that corrects temperature reading problems. (Don't upgrade bios unless it fixes a problem you have.)

    Try other temp reading software (cpu-z, mother board monitor, Sandra). Note my board reads wrong on all of those.

    And, do the old MB and new MB use different sensors (internal diode vs flip up one under the socket)? That can make for big differences.