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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by pc_tek, Jan 18, 2002.

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    Hi guys/Gals,

    I personally like to help people with computer problems, but I also like to teach people to help themselves. 3/4 of the battle with a computer problem is knowing where to look for information to solve a problem and knowing the key words to find the information easily.

    Microsoft has a nice database of information called the Knowledge Base.


    It can be very helpful to most problems any microsoft problem has. Just tell it what MS product you have the problem with and then insert keywords for the problems...IE: Error codes, exact error messages..etc etc...

    You can also look on a good search engine like Google.


    and search for the keywords just like listed above. You will learn alot in the process of trying to help yourself.

    Or there is also forums, just like your doing now, where we all like to help you.

    And not to spam my website or anything, because it isnt anything special nor do i get paid for any of it, but does have over 200 computer links to help out for just about any situation.


    Hope this helps some folks!

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    bump, btw :D
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    pc nice links man...best way to learn is to f#*k it up really good and then fix it...after 3-4 days of troubleshooting the problems and finally just reformatting and reinstalling most people won't do that again..but me being the minority I will never learn.:D
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    I agree with Adobo. F&*k it up, and bail yourself out.
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    it the best feeling when you finally do figure it out:D

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