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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by DeepBlade, Feb 22, 2003.

  1. DeepBlade

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    hi, i've never taken ANY networking classes or that MSCE thing... and i'm just in high school, trying to build a w2k server for comp enginering teacher, and we both know jack about domains.... we just know that there's no 10 user limit like winxp, so he said that's wat we must do.... build a win2k server

    and he wants to do a domain.. soo... we've got like... 20+ comps, and he wants to put them all under the domain... the problem is, he doesn't want me typing in COMP-01, COMP-02 etc etc manually, and he INSISTS on me finding a way to do it the quick and easy way. Can somenone possibly WALK ME THROUGH and tell me EXACTLY how to do that? do i need a program for that..?

    i did some reading on it, and i read something about a csv file or something....? but i'm still very lost... so... someone help?

    and am i supposed to add domain user? or domain comp? when i add them?? someone plz help
  2. Zedric

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    I thought some of the point with a domain was the manual adding of computers and users. Not secure if it's done automatically, right?
  3. DeepBlade

    DeepBlade Guest imagine microsoft... they build their server, and so they hafta manually type in at least 200+ comps in their building 1 by 1, and the only dif between them is probably a number? or all comps have to submit their computer names through e-mail or something, to the administrator, and he's gota manually type them in 1 by 1, or they're so rich they higher some ppl who like to type fast to type them all in?

    my comp eng teacher isn't even willing to do 20, or let ME to do the 20, so does anyone really have an answer to this?

    or should i try different places?
  4. The_Schwarz

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    I am a w2k domain admin. You can automatically add computer accounts to the domain, however, you must still go to each computer and add it to the domain, this is for security reasons.

    You can automatically import user accounts.

    have a look at;en-us;237677

    hopes this helps.
  5. you can script some of it but as he said you must still go to each computer and add it to the domain, this is for security reasons. and have permissions to do so.
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    i see........
    ok, i got the scripting part, where i added
    COMP-01 to COMP-50
    hope that's enough for my comp eng teacher fer now......
    (thx Schwarz, i can't login to icq at school so i'll ask here and hopefully u'll see this)

    but he's asking for more now.....
    he wants... the domain server to be hosting directories/folders for each login (client)

    like... he wants, when the COMP-17 logs into the domain, the user (on comp 17) will have acess to a directory on the domain server HD all to itself
    that it can possibly be mapped? like a certain letter drive

    how do i do that?
  7. theres books everywhere on it, time to read alittle. its all not very hard. even search the MS knowledgebase or web

    you can map a drive to the computer no matter who logs on or to user no matter where he logs on.......either or both
    map it to ..server\directory\%computername% or server\directory\%username% whatever the currrent variable data is it will go there - then you can put permissions on the folder to only allow that computer or user to get in
  8. Zedric

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    You want a login script.
  9. jkoXP

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    what OS does the client machines have?
    You will have to add user accounts, and then join the clients to domain, then any user can log on to the domain on any pc thats a member of the domain. pm me if you want more help.