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Discussion in 'Green Room' started by LiquidMorph, Apr 28, 2003.

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    hi! I'm gonna buy a new pc and I would like to know your opinions on one or two subjects. The processor I've choosen is the Pentium IV 2,8 Ghz 512 Kb cache Fsb 533 (Or the 3,066 Ghz). What motherboard & memory type/size do you guys recommend? I think it can be the same for both processors.

    Thank you very much :rolleyes:
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    I would only Build as you have totall control over everything...and in my case the best (not most exspensive) parts i could find.

    But if your going to buy a pc dont get fooled into those add ins they throw in like a budget scanner/prinet and you may not need them.
    Also i bet most top end pc`s are going to be of similar specs...try to get onsite warrenty though !.
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    let's assume he's building. what's a good chipset for 533fsb p4's and what sort of memory does it use?
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    for an intel processor, id recommend an intel chipset purely because they're more likely to run along the same lines (a company isnt going to make something that wont work too well with something else they make are they? it wouldnt make sense).

    ive got the gigabyte ga-8p667 ultra mobo (it has the i845PE chipset) and an intel 2.4ghz 533fsb. it supports hyperthreading so it takes the 3.06ghz cpu and higher (apart from the new 800fsb cpus). full of features i may never use, but its pretty solid so far *touches wood - dont wanna jinx it lol*

    find out more here - Ultra.htm :)
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    Get the new Abit IC7-G Motherboard and to compliment it 1Gig of Corsair 3200LL Dual Channel DDR400:D Mine comes in 2 days :)
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    Found a new guide (April) for a budjet Pc.....Mid Range Pc and a Power Gamers Pc read the guide HERE you may find it of intrest.
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    Only prob I have with the above is the old Mhz myth... And of course you could do better!!
    So, I propose this system instead as a Top of the Line:

    Atholon XP 3000 + EP-8RDA+, nFORCE2 CHIPSET,FSB 333MHz,8XAGP, DDR333,USB2.0 IEEE1394,LAN, AUDIO,P80P, 6PCI,ATX for $445.00
    512 Mb Corsair Dual Channel Memory PC3200 for $159
    ATI Radeon 9800 Pro 128MB DDR-II DVI TV OUT AGP - Retail Boxed
    for $406.00
    2 Seagate ST3120023AS 120GB Serial ATA 7200rpm 8MB Hard Drive for $176.73 each
    RocketRaid 1520; 2 Channels Serial ATA RAID Host Controller 1.5Gb/s; Retail Box for $64.00
    NEC ND-1100A 4X IDE DVD+R/+RW OEM 4.7GB DVD RAM for $194
    Microsoft Natural Multi-Media for $25
    Microsoft EXPLORER IntelliMouse Optical 5 button PS2/USB for $13
    Klipsch THX®-Certified ProMedia™ 5.1 6 piece Speaker System, 500-watt digital hybrid amplifier, 1 Year warranty for $333.00
    FS-710 Chieftec DX-01WD Case for $45
    Enermax EG465P-VE 431W (465W PEAK) ATX Power Supply FAN MONITORING. Retail Box for $79.00 or ANTEC TRUE430, 430W ,ATX, P4 READY for $78.00

    For a nice Total of 2174.46($1 off for Antec)

    Elements 19", .25DPI, 1600x1200. N.I. 3YRS MFG.WARRANTY for $161
    Grand Total = 2335.46
    get the 19" NEC in above posts link for $219
    For a Grand Total of 2393.46

    This would be one Extreme System