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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Hockeyfan, May 9, 2002.

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    First question -- does ZoneAlarm free edition have a Browser "Privacy" setting? I can't find it, but I've been told it does. If so, where is it?

    Second question -- My wife, and especially my daughter, use Windows Messenger. I thought I read that you should not allow a program like this be allowed server status; but ZoneAlarm keeps asking. What, if anything should be allowed to be a server?
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    The following is from the FAQ's on the Zone Alarm Website - it may help you make a decision as to what to permit server rights to.

    I receive an alert telling me an application is requesting server access rights. What do I do?

    Some applications require server rights in order to receive incoming connections from the Internet. You can assign the application server rights in ZoneAlarm's Programs Panel. Examples of these would be programs that need to "listen" for connections, such as some chat software, FTP and Internet servers, etc. Netscape's browser also requires server rights to function properly.

    On occasion, applications that are configured with server privileges start before ZoneAlarm, in which case they will not be granted server privilege. To resolve this situation, you will need to quit the application in question and then launch it again.

    Be aware that allowing incoming connections for such "server" applications will open one or more ports on you computer. These ports will show as an open ports when you test your computer with a security test program.