New Shows on CNBC

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    New Shows on CNBC, the All Business Network :D

    11. America's Most Wanted Businessmen - Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous meets Cops!

    10. America's Funniest Bankruptcy Hearings - Going broke with $16 billion in revenue and $101 billion in assets. Hilarious!

    9. Who Cares About Stocks Let's See Some Hooters! - Nobody cares about stocks any more, but guys still love hooters.

    8. Market Wretch - We'll try not to vomit as we bring you the morning's business news.

    7. The Fugitive CEO - The police are hot on his trail for a stock scam he didn't commit. Now he roams from company to company righting the wrongs and increasing EBITDA.

    6. Suicide for Dummies - Stock picks gone south? Can't pay your broker? Sometimes suicide can be an answer. We explain how to do it right?

    5. Everybody Loves Ramen - A heavily vested family of 5 makes every penny count after a disappointing second quarter return.

    4. Who Wants to Be a CEO? - Angry shareholders, SEC investigations and Congressional hearings, no one wants to win on this brand new game show.

    3. Survivor: Wall Street - Sixteen companies in a most inhospitable economy and only one will survive.

    2. SEC Smackdown! - SEC investigators get medieval on purveyors of fraud and demonstrate destruction with their own brand of whoop-assery.

    1. Buffy the Short Seller - Teenage wonder girl puts a stake through the heart of Wall Street's most vicious blood suckers.
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    wow, .........