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    I am about to be buying a new phone. I will also be leaving Rogers and looking for another company. Mainly because I want a new phone and I have had my share of problems with Rogers (bad coverage in my area).

    Now I am not sure about the company yet, but that's not what I want to know.

    I have been hearing about the new Razr 2, or whatever it is called and it has been catching my interest. I had the first edition phone, and well they had enough problems with them, dust under screen, sound issues, etc. I also of course have been thinking about the iphone. And the one other is the chocolate flip phone.

    Now what are your opinons on these three phones. Which one would be the better phone, if I can ask that lol. I am going to be paying full price for all the services a phone can offer these days. Browsing, text, free evenings and weekends, the whole nine yards.

    Which one would you buy?
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    I am gonna get the LG Voyager.

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