New PCI IDE controller?

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by G|ass, Dec 1, 2002.

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    I have 2 hard disks and 2 CD drives that connect directly to my motherboard. I don't have a RAID array or anything and I don't have any free IDE ports, but I'd like to attach a third hard disk so I'd have a total of 5 IDE devices on my system, and I will probably want to add yet another hard disk in the future, totaling 6 IDE devices.

    I was looking at this PCI IDE controller ->

    OK, so I'm thinking all I have to is throw this controller in my PC, and I'll be able to connect four more IDE devices to it, which would allow me to have 8 IDE devices in my system altogether. It says "Maximum 4 IDE devices" on the info page but that is in addition to my existing devices that are connected to my motherboard, is that correct? Or is there something different I need to do to get more than 4 IDE devices to be connected to my system?
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    Yeah, my understanding is that you can run more than four IDE devices by adding a Controller card. and where that add says a maximum of 4 IDE devices I think that it means that the add on card can control up to 4 devices.
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    You can add as much controller cards as you wish and use 4 extra drives per card.
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    yes you can..
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    Just keep in mind G|ass that for each additional device you add, especially HDD's, you'll need an additional 25 watts of power.

    I suggest that before you add any more devices that you check to see if your PS is up to specs. At least a minimum of 450watts.
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    My power supply is max 300W. How can I find out just how much wattage I have to spare?
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    This is a rough guestament but a good rule of thumb is when looking at overall wattage, add the requirements of every device in your rig, then multiply that number by 1.5 (because you should be taxing from 30 precent to 70 pecent of your power supply's capacity). Some of your individual components may actually list their specific power requirements, so use these numbers for more accurate calculations. And remember, if you need to figure out wattage, multiply the voltage by the amps.

    High-wattage AGP card 20 - 50W +3.3V
    Average PCI card 5W +5V
    Cached SCSI controller PCI card 20-25W +3.3V and +5V
    Floppy drive 5W +5V
    10/100 NIC 4W +3.3V
    50x Atapi CD-ROM 10 - 25W +5V and +12V
    12x Atapi DVD-ROM 10 - 25W +5V and +12V
    12x / 10x / 40x SCSI CD-R/RW 20W +5V and +12V
    SCSI CD-ROM 12W +5V and +12V
    RAM 8W per 128MB +3.3V
    Ultra2 SCSI PCI card 5W +3.3V and +5V
    7200rpm IDE hard drive 5 - 15W +5V and +12V
    7200rpm Ultra2 SCSI hard drive 24W +5V and +12V
    10,000rpm SCSI drive 10 - 40W +5V and +12V
    Motherboard (w/o CPU or RAM) 20 - 30W +3.3V and +5V
    Typical Pentium II 30W +5V
    1GHz Pentium III 34W +5V
    1.7GHz Pentium 4 65W +12V
    1.4GHz AMD Athlon 70W +12V

    Good luck :)