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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Robert Bianchetta, Jan 13, 2006.

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    I have just installed a new PC on my home network and am unable to see the rest of the network. I have a router serving as a DHCP server and used for internet access. I had 2 PC on the network before adding the new unit and they function perfectly. The first two units are running Windows XP Pro and the new unit is running XP Home. When setting up the new PC I used the network wizard, as I have done since switching to XP. The new PC can ping the other computers but when attempting to ping the new PC from on ot the other units it will time out. When checking workgroup PC's on one of the old units they recognize the new unit but can not access the new unit. When checking for workgroup PC's from the new unit I get an error network is not available. There is no firewall running on the new PC, and the new PC can access the internet through the router. All indications are that operating is not allowing the new system to access the workgroup but I have gone through the settings several times and reran the network wizard several times with no help. I have also manually set the IP addresses in an attempt to get the unit to talk to the others with no help. I am looking for ideas on what I am missing or other areas to check to solve this problem.
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    If the router is automatically assigning IP addresses, then there shouldn't be a problem with that. If you are assigning IP addresses to the computers, make sure they have the same subnet mask. Computers can only network with other computers on the same subnet. Another thing to check (It is obvious but I have overlooked it before) is to make sure that under compuer name they all have the same workgroup name. I know that sometimes when I do an OS install it will set the default workgroup name to WORKGROUP & othertimes it sets the default to MSNHOME. Why would it do it differently in some cases? I have no idea but that would be my two suggestions. Good luck with everything because sometimes troubleshooting network problems can be a pain in the rear.
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    Have you set filesharing up on the new PC?
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    Remove simple file sharing on proxp, not available on homexp. Create sharing either to drives or folders, donot use share name with "$" to remove adminshare.

    Set static IP's on all PC's, better then DCHP, most broadband isp's have DHCP, so it would be conflicting and redundant to have it running in router, let alone on the PC's.

    In the permissions tab add the login for that pc, in otherwords, if you login to PC1 with myname, then add myname in the permission, with full control, etc on all PC's.

    Also install network protocol NWLink, this will load NetBIOS which resolves XP share drive/network issues. Also in the properties of "Internet Protocols" advanced tab/WINS tab enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP when using static ip's.

    Hope this helps.
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    A router allows multiple users to connect thru one WAN IP address, setting a static wouldn't have no effect unless it's getting the wrong IP format (by format I mean 192.168.1.x for Linksys and 192.168.0.x for Netgear/DLink)

    Instead try leaving Simple File Sharing Enabled, and login to the new PC with the same username and Password as one of the XP Pro boxes and see if that does anything.

    Installing NetBIOS and NWLink is NOT needed! Instead Open Network Connections, Right Click on the Local Area Connection (the one that is used if there is multiple ones), Right Click and Select Properties, Highlight TCP/IP and click Properties, Click Advanced, Select WINS Tab and near the bottom click "Enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP and then click OK to close all windows.

    Also, have you tried access the other PCs by going Start>Run

    \\computername OR \\192.168.x.x ***change x to the IP of one of the other computers.

    Can the other 2 computers communicate? Have you also allowed File and Printer Sharing in your Firewall (make sure in the XP Firewall as well)
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