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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ste_w, Nov 17, 2002.

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    Hi All

    I have recently noticed that i have not updated my graphics drivers 4 a while on my windows M.E Computer, i have a geforce 2 mx 32mb, an there on the 21.87 drivers (21 something anyway) and i was wondering if anyone knows if the 40.72 drivers work ok on it, as the 40.72 ones dont work on my geforce3?

    Also if i try the new drivers an they dont work, where can i get the old 21's from? as there is no link on nvidia?

    Thanx pls help.


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    The 40.72 drivers should work fine with your GeForce 2 or 3. However, for a GeForce 2, the best balance between performance and quality seems to be the 28.32 series of drivers.

    You can get many different versions of the drivers at

    Even though these drivers work, most of the time it is best to get the original drivers from the original card manufacturer. The Nvidia drivers are just reference drivers and do not support card specific features.

    The best reference drivers seem to be:
    GeForce 2 - 28.32
    GeForce 3 - 30.82
    GeForce 4 - 40.72

    I have tested each of these cards with almost every stable driver exists. For me, this seems to be a good guide to follow.