New NVidia drivers corrupt DVD playback

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by isamuelson, Jun 13, 2002.

  1. isamuelson

    isamuelson Guest

    I installed the newest NVidia drivers for XP (v29.42) and it caused PowerDVD 4.0 XP to have corrupted playback of DVDs with the hardware acceleration turned on.

    If I turned off the hardware acceleration and the picture is fine, although it's a little bit choppy at times.

    I then I rolled back to the previous drivers and everything worked fine with hardware acceleration turned on. Thank goodness for the recovery feature of Xp. I'm just glad I actual created a restore point just before I installed the new drivers (I make it a habit to do so).

    My system is as follows:

    AMD Duron 1000
    640MB RAM
    Geforce2 MX2 400 64MB
    Windows XP
    PowerDVD 4.0 XP

    I have all the latest patches to XP and my drivers, but the newest NVidia drivers cause problems.

    Anyone else experience this? I don't know if it's the video driver or PowerDVD.

  2. rodneyck

    rodneyck Guest

    I was think about installing these drivers but I use PowerDVD alot. Is anyone else having this problem? :confused:
  3. Kramer2K

    Kramer2K Guest

    I installed the new drivers and Power DVD XP works fine for me...So i haven't a clue why its messing yours up.
  4. mbunny

    mbunny Guest

    PowerDVD's DVD Hardware Accel is only for when the DVD is paused/stopped isn't it?

    29.42's have absolutely no effect on my DVD Playback.