New Motherboard, P3 Suggestions

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Doubleight8, Apr 13, 2002.

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    Yesterday I found out that my mainboard isn't the original Asus Mew-Am. It was modified by HP, they soldered all the jumpers and installed their own bios version that cannot be changed or updated. I've had nothing but problems with this board so i need a new one.

    I'm going to buy a new motherboard and use my P3 800 from the Mew-Am.
    I Thought about getting the Asus TUA266 or the Abit VH6T because they are both around 70 dollars and I dont want to spend more than that. Here at this site:|MB3F&ADV=MOTHERBOARD
    ---You have to copy and paste the url because only a part of it is underlined---

    I dont know alot about motherboards but i know that Asus and Abit are good brands and i want quality mainboard, if u know a good one thats in that price area, let me know.
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    Can't go wrong with asus or abit.

    Wouldn't that be a triple 8?