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Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Ezergeezer, Oct 23, 2002.

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    Just bought and installed new a7v333 mobo and xp2000 cpu and pc2700 ram, I was told I should format my drive and re-install XP, but I didnt bother. The system fired up no trouble, and is running great ! So is XP really that good or was it just luck ?
  2. Nick M

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    I'm really not sure! I tried that before, and it didn't work correctly. Make sure all the things in Device Manager are correct, if they are, I assume you can leave it how it is. If not, I would format then.
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    XP is usually OK as long as the CPU manufacturer didnt change. Like if you go from Intel to an AMD CPU then it is best to reinstall.
    Sometimes it works, sometimes it dont.
  4. Taurus

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    depenmds mostly on teh chipsets of both boards, i'm sure. if they're both via chipsets for example, there's probly a better chance of it working.

    either way, i'd always reinstall. you don't know if you're losing any performance from the wrong drivers being installed for your chipset or whatnot.
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    I did it

    And its not just XP I did a double switch took my harddrives from one machine ( xp ) and the harddrives from another (win98se) and did a double switch placing the winxp harddrves into a new case, with new motherboard and new cpu, and the same for the win98 hardrives placing them into my old case the win98se was on a 166 intel chipset, and is now on a 400 amd no format or reinstall ....... and the winxp's hardrives are now on a duron 1100.

    I did have to repair the winxp drive.. but believe it or not I swear the win98se has yet to have a blue screen of death... I just went in to hardware manager and deleted everything and it detected the stuff and that was all , so I dont think its just XP... I did end up formatting but I really wanted to just try that insane idea first. I will now format the win98se anyways because we just got a router and are going to set up a home network and want to get a clean start on the whole setup .......... Its all good
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    Yeah, I just got a new Giga-byte GA-7VRXP mobo (had an older AMD760 chipset and went to a KT333 chipset) and it worked fine too. I was surprised that it didn't blue-screen on me. I had heard from a few places to expect to re-install after a change like that. I ended up reformatting anyway since I wanted to start with a fresh slate.

    FYI: I was a bit disappointed in my 3dmark score though. I got basically the same score as I did with my old mobo. I know 3dmark is mostly GPU, but it did go up when i simply upgraded my processor from a 1.33 T-bird to an XP2000+using the same mobo. I figured a more efficient chipset would help it too. Oh well. The system does start up and feel noticeably faster though.

    I only paid $99 US for it too! Not bad since it has RAID, LAN, USB2.0, and sound. :)
  7. Krux

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    usally when your old mobo and your new one are made by the same company it works and if there not it doesn't, this has been my experience with it.