New HDD and Ghosting...Boo!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Tuffgong4, Mar 1, 2004.

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    ok so I'm about to buy a new 120 GB HDD and I want to make sure that it is 7200 and SATA. The thing is and I know that you can use most if not all with ATA100 or 133, (I'm going to upgrade later on when PCIX comes out but I need a new, bigger HDD now), I don't know which brand to go with. Can people shoot their info at me so I know which one is best in your opinions.

    Also I need to know the best way to ghost an old drive to the new one which I know can be a task and have many problems. What is the best way to ghost a drive and get it working properly. Thanks guys can't wait for your answers
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    Most people would tend to go for WD or Maxtor. But you should browse around for reviews coz in the past few months I've seen one or two Samsung drives come out as 'Best Buy' in computer magazines.

    As for ghosting your old HD, use Norton Ghost. However, if you're thinking of restoring the image after you upgrade your mobo, you may want to think about all the old and obsolete mobo drivers that's been left on your HD from when you had your old mobo.
    May be best to do a fresh install, especially when you are doing an upgrade on a major component in the machine.