New hardware, wanna optimize it!!

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by Marcus75, May 28, 2002.

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    I recently bought some new hardware!

    * Soltek SL-75DRV5 KT333 1AGP 5PCI 3xDDR AC97 Audio ATA/133 Socket A

    * AMD Athlon XP 1800+ 1533MHz 128+256Kb 266MHz Socket A

    * 512MB DDR PC2700 333MHz Samsung original

    ...and now I got some questions!

    1. Should I be able to run my memories in 333Mhz?
    2. If so, how should I turn that on?
    3. Currently I have changed the frequency on the motherboard to 166/266. And I got the other switch on 11,5.
    4. When I switch to 266/333 the computer wont start, how can I adjust the settings to make it work?
    5. I don´t wanna alter anything that aren´t supposed to work thus voiding my guarantee.

    Please give some advice!

    Best Wishes
    Marcus Nordlund
  2. Taurus

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    pretty sure 166/266 is what you're looking for. the 166 is for your memory... since it's ddr (double data rate) it's actually 166*2 (333). and the 266 is your cpu fsb, which is normal.

    good to go, cap'n. }:>