New Hard Drive!! Which One???

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by aussie, Jun 23, 2002.

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    hey folks. Im going to buy a new HDD but Im having a tough time deciding which as each review has different bloody results. I might buy 2 of them and set up RAID but I would also like some opionins on RAID if possible. Is it safe etc? I want to set up RAID 0 just for speed. Here's my choices!!!

    ST360021A Seagate 60Gb Barracuda ATA IV
    WD600BB Caviar 7200RPM ATA100 60G
    D740X DiamondMaxUltra 7200RPM 60GB

    If I go with the maxtor I already have one of this drive so I only need one more for RAID but I havent used the drive alot and I havent herd too much great stuff bout Maxtor!!!

    Thx in advance for any (Educated) help on this subject!!

  2. dijital

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    well i have a similar seagate model, i use the cuda iv 80gbs. its the quietest hard drive i've ever had and the performance isnt too shabby either.
  3. Friend of Bill

    Friend of Bill What, me worry?

    Setup a SCSI 160 (Adaptec) and buckle in a couple of Cheetah 15000 rpm! That's what I'm going to do when I can get my P4 stable @ 2800MHz.
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    know what u mean catch23.. wot about a 20gb Maxtor D740x.. to match your other one.. I partitioned mine to 20Gb for XP & Program files. still got loads of space!:rolleyes:
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    yea. they just dont seem to do them anymore
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    give them a call.. Im sure they'd still cover it.
  7. Dick Johnson

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    Catch23: I use nothing but Quantum SCSI drives and Maxtor still covers any warranty. I also agree Raid is worthless for any home system. I use a 9.1GB or an 18.2GB just for the operating system and program files. Then each O/S has three/four additional scsi drives for data, mp3's, photo's, etc. I boot NT-W2K-XP-Mandrake-SuSe seperately, each with their own set of scsi hard drives. I do have three Western Digital scsi 18.2gb that work great. I also keep a complete "backup" scsi drive on the shelf of each operating system's HD1 ID#0 and update them every other week for when I "step in a big pile of you know what"! I have never found a backup method better than this! Powerquest's "Drive Image" makes all of these backup drives "bootable".
  8. Zedric

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    Why run 2x60 in RAID when you can get one 120? Can't be much more expensive (if not cheaper). Besides you get less heat, better stability (mobo crash won't ruin the disks for example) and more space in the case.