New Drive letter in MY COMPUTER ??

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by RJM, Mar 13, 2002.

  1. RJM

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    I am not sure what lame thing I have done to create a NEW drive letter in MY COMPUTER..... but I can't get rid of it.

    All my logical drives are accounted for and work just fine. This one shows up under OTHER and has a "RED ?" on top of it. The properties of it are basically null....

    Since WINDOWS won't let you CUT n PASTE from a ERROR MESSAGE - I am attaching a screenshot of the message I get... a tech support guy at QSP, seemed to think it was referencing a CD that InCD created....... he suggested I delete Nero and InCD, then reinstall them to get rid of it... which I DID, but as you can see, it didn't go anywhere....

    Oh, btw, it does NOT show up in the Device Manager under ANY heading.

    ANY idea's ?? I'm pretty much "moderately" qualified to FIX stuff given enough time but this one has me stumped... thanks.

    System is a HP6736 Pavilion - 663mhz, 324K ram, 35gig total HDD space...
    2 HDD, 1 CD ROM, 1 CDRW, 1 Floppy, 1 Iomega ZIP
  2. Lukas

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    I have no expierence whatsoever on this subject, but I know that you can Mount a volume off a empty folder on a NTFS drive. Check computer management -> Storage. maybe it's listed there...

    I know this ain't much help but, who knows...


  3. Stiertje

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    It might be a mapped drive.

    Try right-mouseclick -> Disconnect
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    A mapped drive has a different icon... but it could be.
  5. RJM

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    Re: huh?

    Thanks, but I already checked there, lol..... like I said, I poke arond a lot before using tech support or forums.

    It does NOT show up there NOR is it a mapped drive... right clicking only brings up the very basic menu choices, unfortunately, DELETE isn't one of them ;)

    THanks, i'll keep searching...
  6. diadara

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    Installed something...?

    Same thing happened to me when I installed Daemon Tools....
    I got a DVD drive called G:...If it only were true...=)
    It disappeared when I removed the application.