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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by FOSSY69, Jul 21, 2002.

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    This is a little tip I picked up a while ago but I haven't seen it mentioned much.
    1.Right mouse button on an empty section of desktop,and select 'new' then 'folder',name the folder 'Desktop Toolbar' (without the quotes)
    2.Drag and drop all the icons you can from your desktop into the 'Desktop Toolbar' folder.
    3.Once you have all the icons that can be moved in the folder drag it towards the left/right/or top of the screen,don't stop once you reach the edges of the screen.
    4.You will find that you now have a toolbar displaying the icons contained in the folder 'Desktop Toolbar'.You have only to single cllick the icon on the toolbar to launch the program.
    5.To modify the toolbar,right click it.You can autohide/resize the iconz/etc,etc.You can adjust the width of the toolbar by dragging it in or out.
    The folder marked 'Desktop Toolbar' must remain on your desktop while you continue to use the toolbar.
    If you decide you don't like it,right mouse button on the toolbar and select close toolbar.
    I like having a clean desktop so I find it very useful.I hope you do too.
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    Did that a long time ago. My below bar is for the windows only. At the left of the screen I got one long quicklaunch bar. Always on top. It's the best wokring method for me. :)
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    yup, also knew that..but a good tip to share with others..thanx bro:cool:
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    hey man thanx a lot for this seams like i was the only one that didnt knwo about this and you jsut got me to stop usein objectbar very nice just 1 question i cant get a short cut to a main folder workin any thoughts like if i wanta have a shortcut to my main kazaa folder it wont let me anyway arounder that??

    PS edit never mind i was brain dead for a sec i got it
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    ya i was thinkin the same thing well do ! and i love this place