new comp, xp, blue screen every 5 mins

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by forcer, Jan 5, 2004.

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    i got my computer upgraded and the guy sed he tested it on unreal tournament 2003 for 9 hours and claimed it was running smooth.

    after an hour i heard something power dwn and the screen went off. so i took the grafix card out and put it back in properly but it still happened again, after further examination it looks like it the harddrive thats powering down bcoz the processor fans and grafix card fans dont stop spinning when it goes off.

    i turned off automatic restart on error reporting so now i am getting the blue screen, it says windows has shutdown etc... and has loads of weird writing one error i do remember it sed there was something wrong with win32k.sys but that error only started once

    how can i find out whats cauring the problem? or fix it

  2. forcer

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    jus bringing this 2 the top. needs to be noticed its been a nitemare for me lol

    f o r c e r
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    you seriously think we can help if you don't tell us what the blue screen codes are.

    post "ALL" the error codes, not parts of it and someone will (should) then be able to help