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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by ruiner_066, Mar 27, 2003.

  1. ruiner_066

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    hey friend just built a new comp (his first one) and hes having a few problems that i cant figure out. first off, here are the specs

    Athlon XP 2200+
    Nforce2 mobo
    512 pc2700 ram
    80gig 7200rpm hdd
    geforce 4 ti4800SE

    for one thing, when he starts up, the CPU speeds reads 1350 mhz...which is obviously too low for a 2200+, nowhere i can find in the bios is there a direct cpu speed adjustment, but since it is an nforce2, it lets you adjust the multiplier & bus speed, but it's already running at ~50 C, and i dont think that should have to be adjusted (right?)

    ok...then when he runs a game or 3dmark, or anything, it will run for a few mins, then just close out the program.
    he also has got this fatal error:

    The instruction at '0x6f57829' references memory at '0x04c68315'. The memory could not be 'written'.
    exception: 0xC0000005 (ACCESS_VIOLATION) at 001B:6f578429

    he also told me that windows has given him an error about not being able to write to memory, but i didnt see it & he couldnt remember the exact message.

    any ideas or suggestions? thx in advance
  2. rettahc

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    To get the CPU to run at the proper speed he will need to adjust the front side bus to 133.
  3. LeeJend

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    With a recent nforce 2 board he should not have a problem reading the 200's CPU speed rating and setting the multiplier but... What brand MB?

    First CHECK THE HEATSINK IS ON RIGHT! 50C is kinda warm for taht low of a clock speed.

    Next - Check the bios FSB is at 133. Choose auto detect on the ram and cpu multiplier if that's an option. if not:

    FSB 133, make sure there are no MB jumpers for RAM or FSB.
    RAM 333 mhz and CL 2.5 (to start) if no good try CL 2.0 a friends ASUS was quirky at 2.5 but ran well at 2.0 (don't ask me why I think its weird too)
    If he has a RAM heatsink on the ram stick take it off (I had problems).

    Make sure he has a bios version installed that supports the AMD 2200 processor.

    If still buggy after all the above, he may have bad ram or a bad MB or a bad/too small Power supply.
  4. XP Abuser

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    yeh my friend. people say its their friends pc when they make a doodoo with it.:happy:
  5. ruiner_066

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    leejend- i'll get him to try those things..probably have to walk him through it for 2 hours =( thanks a lot...i thought 50C was pretty hot for that speed too, but HS seemed to be on right when i was over's a volcano 9 with that coolmod thing. uh..what is CL? heh, i know most of this pretty well, but i've never had to adjust any of this after putting a comp together...
    also, how do i check to see if BIOS supports 2200+?

    to xp, it actualy is my friends, i admit it when i screw up- which i've done plenty of =P

    thx guys
  6. Taurus

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    if it's an nforce2 mobo, it support 2200+, trust me. but before you correct your fsb to 133mhz, figure out the heat problem. if you're getting 50c now, you could cause damage once it starts running at 1.8ghz.

    and CL is referring to the CAS Latency on the memory. lower is better, but only if the memory can handle it.
  7. koko

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    hey taurus, i likey your "funniest page ever". it r teh funney! :D
  8. jonifen

    jonifen pffff...

    is your "friend" using thermal paste on the hsf?
  9. ruiner_066

    ruiner_066 OSNN Addict

    i gave him some thermal paste, & he said he used it

    it's an ASUS mobo btw
  10. jdn

    jdn I'm trying

    Victoria, B.C. CANADA
    If your friend has a crappy case with poor ventilation 50 c is possible even with a good heatsink and fan. Are there any case fans pushing and pulling and are they set up to push and pull in sync.
  11. ruiner_066

    ruiner_066 OSNN Addict

    fixed =) i had him bring it over to my place & i screwed around with it for a while...he had fsb set to 166 for some reason...which is why it was so unstable..i guess it was only running at 100 though, cuz as soon as i turned it down to 133, his cpu speed went up to 1780, or whatever it is for a 2200+. everything works fine now, temp still around 50, but i guess that doesnt mater now that its at the right speed. thanks for the help guys