New ATI 8500 Driver for XP

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Thompson16, Jan 24, 2002.

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    New Updated Driver for XP located in Windows Update. I was reinstalling XP, and I was doing a driver update through the Windows XP feature within IE. It said that there was a new driver that is version It installed with no problem. I wanted to have a copy on my PC, and I went to the Windows Catalog and did a search on it. There is a new list of all different driver types, and they were posted January 21st.
    How to get the New Drivers
    I thought that this might be helpful in finding the driver.

    The most recent driver from ATI website in beta format is:
    Driver Date: 11/4/2001
    Driver Version:
    Digital Signer: Not Digital signed

    However, if you follow these steps you should get the most updated driver that is Digital signed by Microsoft:

    1. Open IE
    2. Tools => Windows Update
    3. Windows Update Catalog (This is listed on the left handside right below "See also". You might have to select the Advanced feature if you do not have it turned on)
    4. Find Driver Update for Hardware Device
    5. Video
    6. Select ATI Tech Inc => Operating System => Search
    7. Select ATI Tech...Display Driver Version (3.8 MB)
    (do not try the It is for a different card)
    8. Follow the rest of the steps on the screen

    (After you have it to your computer you will need to extract the file)

    After the install of the Driver you should have this in the Driver Properties:
    Driver Date: 12/28/2001
    Driver Version:
    Digital Signer: Microsoft Windows Hardware....

    However, you will notice that this is not the most current leaked driver. That has version, but what does .0004 matter. We will see!!
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    these drivers are not supported by MIcrosoft anymore...I fink....but they are great...they took it off Windows Update...I fink...u can stlil get them manually..
  3. Tek

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    Thats great... thanks! What about the 8500DV drivers... I have some sound issues with my DV version with my Audigy... drivin me nutz :(

  4. Howling Wolf

    Howling Wolf We did not deserve this !

    Amongst the Native Ones
    Hem, I hesitate to install drivers from Windows Update, because of one thing: they're so light (3.8Megs)... do they contain full OpenGL and D3D support ? I would go for the leaked ones if not...
  5. Thompson16

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    It updates only the needed files, and that is why it is so light.

    Whenever a new driver set gets released if you look at all the file versions some of them are older. Example, if you look at DX 8.1 some of the files are from as far back as DX7. However, when they release it into a driver set from ATI they will overwrite all files not just the needed ones. This update does support full OpenGL and D3D support. It works great on my Gaming!
  6. Howling Wolf

    Howling Wolf We did not deserve this !

    Amongst the Native Ones
    Thanx Thompson16,

    I'm gonna go for it !
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    Soooo... no one has seen any 8500DV XP drivers? ATI says to use the ones on the CD...

  8. Thompson16

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    Sorry Tek,

    I have not seen an updated driver for the 8500DV. However, I will keep my eye open for anything that comes across me.
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    How do you install drivers from Windows Catalog?

    There's no install.exe

    Do I have to go into Device Manager, and go to my video card, and click update drivers, and browse to that folder?
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    The best thing that worked for me was following these instructions:

    1. Go to the location of the file
    2. Double click on the .CAB file
    3. This this will show you all the files in the .CAB
    4. Edit => Select All
    5. File => Extract
    6. Select a Destination for the files (I would create a new folder called "ATI Driver Update" on the C: Drive)
    7. Close Open Windows
    8. Right Click on "My Computer" => Properties => Hardware => Device Manger
    9. Display Adapters => Right Click on RADEON 8500 => Update Driver
    10. Install from a List or specific location (Advanced)
    11. Don't Search. I will select a driver to install
    12. Have Disk => Select "ATI Driver Update"
    13. Continue with the rest of the steps
    14. Make sure you restart. After I installed the driver update it did not restart the PC. If you restart right away it will take care of any future issues.

    I hope this Helps.