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Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by Dunom, May 14, 2002.

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    with this new adware, you will also need a new refupdate program...the program that updates adware files...the old program is not compatible with the new one...a complete uninstall and reinstall is neccessary
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    It's great. I run it weekly at least and after the first time i have come up clean. I also install it on any machine i work on i have found over 400 on one computer. and i see an avarage of 100. very usefull program.
  5. Chief

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    I agree. First time I ran it I had over 300 hits. And I never suspected a thing. :mad:
  6. TR!GG3R

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    u guys must install alot proggys to get that much spy crap on ya systems i use ad-aware + 5.81 n ref updater 2.0 n all i find when i ran it the first time was the spy thing thats installed when u install xp :D im always coming up clean n i have a fair few progs installed to take alook ;)
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    TR!GG3R, I agree, I only ever get 3-4 maximum.
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    mostly cookies :D
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    I just got Norton Personal Firewall 2002, which helps even more now :D
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    heh i got that too :D cool aint it ;)
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    Tell me about it, I was hit last night 3 times by backdoor trojan, NPF2002 blocked them all. :D

    Christ knows how many times that happened without warning before I got NPF2002!! could explain stability problems I seemed to get after afew days of a fresh install!! :rolleyes:
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    Must have a small hard drive;) J/K
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    LOL :D Maybe :confused:
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    I like ad-aware as it removes the few things I don't catch, the most i've ever had it list was about 8-10...what I am kind of worried about is it lists my clock program (ghrone) as I know the clock isn't accessing the net at what could adaware possibly see as spyware in it?